green with envy

Wearing: ASOS Dress (similiar) | Target Tights | GoJane Boots

How cute, in a weird way, is this dress? A fun color, a classy length, a sexy back, & easy material made this dress comfortable AND cute for birthday celebrations with R. I bought it because it's different, and as my mantra goes: I like different. I paired it with minimal accessories (my grandmother's bracelets!) with a glittered set of nails - & I dyed my hair darker, mmhmm.

Check back Tuesday for the crazy cool cupcakes I made him for his "surprise" birthday party!


  1. Love that dress on you and the green suits you. Saw you at the blogger conference and I'm following. You have a blog nice layout.
    k at

  2. That dress is bomb and looks bomb on you!! great length too. I just put dark extensions in my blonde hair and I love it. yours looks awesome!

  3. This dress is absolutely stunning on you!! Love it. - Katy

  4. You are rocking this dress. I would look insane in it, but you look effortless and stylish. Mega kudos!

    XO K


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