touch of glam

Wearing: DIY Shorts | F21 Blouse | eBay Necklace | H&M Bag | House of Harlow Sunnies | Converse Sneaks (similar)

Okay, who decided to take a collar, bejewel it, & call it a necklace? Whoever you are, bravo. However, shame on you to the thief that mimicked the $400 Dannijo necklace & is now selling it on eBay for 98% cheaper.. which, I bought. 

The best thing about a statement piece, such as this necklace, is you can wear a cardboard box & still look stylish. Play up a simple dress, or rock it with dirty sneaks (see above) & top off your casual outfit with a touch of glam. I can tell summer days are coming to an end, with the days becoming shorter & the air becoming crisper, which means I have limited time to pull off high tops & cut-offs.

if you really knew me

Fashion blogs are great, but don't you wish you knew more about the blogger you admire so much?  In lieu of Katie's most recent post from Running on Happiness, I decided to jump on the bandwagon & fill you in on... me.

If you really knew me, you'd know that..
  • I can't fall asleep unless I am wearing socks. The idea of feet touching.. gross.
  • I am addicted to Trident Bubblegum - "the pink pack." It's the only gum I will buy!
  • I would much rather spend my time on vacation exploring than lying on the beach. Hiking over tanning any day.
  • I am Swedish & Italian, the two coolest nationalities ever.
  • I've had three biopsys, in three different places. I hope & pray every day that my body doesn't fail me. So far, so good.
  • I'm always on the go & sometimes lose my sense of priorities.
  • I eat dinner late... too late. 9 PM is early. 
  • I am a horribly aggressive driver but I've never been in an accident! Knock on wood. 
  • I wish I could save every animal that suffers so I do my part by not eating meat.
  • I grew up with dreams of becoming a whale trainer (don't ask..) & regret more than anything studying Math in college & not Animal Sciences.
  • I am desperate to fall in love & never lose the butterflies. Some people say it's impossible.. I say it's anything but.
  • My voice becomes incredibly high whenever I drink. I have no idea why but here is a YouTube video to prove it. Don't judge me...
  • I have horrible, horrible vision. My roommate in college would hide my glasses when I was sleeping & it still haunts me to. this. day.
  • I am usually the first person on the dance floor & I tend to dance like no one's watching.
  • I was never taught how to properly hold a pencil & still can't get it right. 
  • I love reggae music & hate country music. (Sorry, Chesney.)
Most importantly, if you really knew me, you'd know I was absolutely terrified, nervous, & insecure to start this blog, but I am so glad I did. Thanks to you

If you do a post similar to this, please link it because I'd love to know more about you!

watercolor ruby

Wearing: W118 Dress c/o Walter Baker | Foley & Corinna Disco City Tote (similar) | Levi's Jean Vest

You know those days when you want nothing more than to throw on whatever you deem fit & call it a day? This was one of those days. Rushing to meet my mom for dinner, I threw my hair in a messy milk-braid, stepped into this gorgeous W118 by Walter Baker watercolor maxi, grabbed my raspberry F&C tote (which I had to have & have never used, shame on me!), & decided last minute to be extra cool & match my lips to my tote.

My train of thought when putting together an outfit, is exactly that: a train of thought. I feel like I have a superpower - I put outfits together in my mind, minutes, hours, days before, & they always seem to work. Or do they work? I don't even know if this outfit works, but to me, it looks cute, & when you're dressing for yourself, that is all that matters.

sheer madness

Wearing: UO Dress | Jude Wedges c/o Dolce Vita | Jeffrey Campbell Fringe Crossbody (similar) | JD's Vintage Bracelet

This post is dedicated to my obsession with sheer. I love sheer e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. The best part, or some could say the worst part, is that I tend to rock sheer as is - bra, sheer, boom. Hence, the top of this dress is sheer madness. This has produced awkward stares, unnecessary comments, & plenty of judgement, but in the end I think it all comes down to confidence.

I started this blog to share with you my personal sense of style, in hopes of you relating to what I wear, or mimicking a look & taking a risk when it comes to fashion. I think sometimes I step out of the box, & I am not afraid to do so. I like dressing different, & I think I am confident enough with what I wear to ignore the stares & laugh off the comments. Plus, no one will remember the girl in a white tee, but they will remember the girl in a green bra. No?!

flowing free

Wearing:  W118 by Walter Baker c/o | Target Heels | Joie Clutch

This W118 by Walter Baker dress is the epitome of summer, no? A gorgeous print, paired with an unexpected high low hem, & a bare back makes me want to move to California & post up. I kept everything simple with this dress because it speaks for itself - but a dress of this kind would be perfect for a wedding, perfect for a night out on the town, & perfect for a picnic in the park.

Let me just touch on my love hate relationship with Target. Who doesn't get lost in Target's endless aisles, filling their cart with unnecessary bearings?  I am one of many.. but their shoe collection, gah. Some of my favorite high heels come from Target, replicating Dolce Vita & Steve Madden to the tee for a quarter of the price. I highly suggest strolling through a shoe aisle or two next time you find yourself at Target!
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