backpack blizzard

Wearing: Old Navy Chambray | Chinese Laundry Cardigan | Target Backpack | Joe's Jeans | Hollister Co. Legwarmers | Sorel Snowboots | F21 Beanie

You know those snow storms that are named after cartoon fish, dump 3 feet of snow (that I didn't shovel) on your doorstep, & rip NYFW plans straight from your recently manicured hands? I hate those snow storms. Staying positive, I was able to pack my sick camo backpack for a blizzard party that was equipped with a power hour (so college), silly games of chess, & these Sorel beauties.

You'd be shocked to know I've lived in New England for 25 years & have never owned a pair of snow boots - do Uggs suffice? I waited in line for literally 20 minutes debating whether to buy these Sorel's, considering high heel platforms are my shoe of choice, but convinced myself that girls need cute snow boots just as much as they need camo backpacks.

Hope you all survived Nemo.. or NYFW!


  1. Loving your snow outfit! great choice on the snow boots btw ;)

  2. Oh no! So sorry to hear about your foiled NYFW plans. Glad you were still able to have a fun weekend though :)

  3. Great shots! Loving that backpack! The neon is great touch!


  4. What colorful cozy pieces - and I am loving your hair!

  5. Wow, such a colorful outfits!

  6. Super cute! Good to know you finally have a good pair of snow boots. Especially now!


  7. I bought a pair of sorels last year and couldn't have been more happy when NY had that freak October snow storm 2 years in a row!!

    xo Jackie

  8. your little neon & camo bag is tooo cute!!! and your knit socks with your winterboots . . . adorable!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  9. Your hair looks flawless! Love the outfit.


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