love day

Valentine's Day - the day of love, a lot of kisses, & way too much chocolate. The day where it's okay to eat candy hearts for breakfast, flaunt a dozen red roses on your work desk willingly, & say "I love you" an annoying amount of times.  But, what the heck do you buy your guy who isn't fond of pink, hearts, & roses?  I say buy your guy one of these, if you're only casually dating or you are are in it for a lifetime:
  1. Nothing like eating an M&M with your face on it | Personalized M&M's
  2. Personalized & free | Mix CD
  3. Love in brownie form | Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies
  4. Everything's cooler in a fish eye view | Lomography Fish Eye Camera
  5. Kisses here & there |  Gap Boxers
  6. A classy money clip for those dollar, dolla bills | Nordstrom Money Clip 
  7. Make me beer! | Beer Kit
  8. Most economical iPhone case, if I've ever seen one  | Bottle Opener iPhone Case
  9. Sleep like a king | Egyptian 1200 Thread Count Sheets
Cheers to love, & to you & yours.


    1. ohhhh, mix tapes!!! no one doesn't love a good mix.


    2. Great ideas!

    3. I think I'll get my husband the lips boxers haha! He'll LOVE those hehe

      Style in the City

    4. Paul will be getting the brownies -- they look delish!

    5. These are great ideas! Thanks Allie :)

    6. Beer kits are always a good idea.



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