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"That's against the rules, & you can't sit with us."

That's what I would say to my best friend at lunch in middle school if she ever dared to mix black & brown or wear white after Labor Day. Now? Blasphemy! It's completely acceptable to rock head to toe white during a snow storm, mix black & brown every which way, & pile on prints & prints & prints that don't match whatsoever! I love it. It's captivating, daring, bold, & fun. Fashion is fun.

red hot

Wearing: UO Tee & Vest | Billabong Plaid | Joe's Jeans | Ryan's Beanie | Sam Edelman Heels | c/o W118 by Walter Baker Tote

So, I kind of really like this post. I like the beanie (obviously), the layering, the lighting, the lipstick, & the kick ass Sam Edelman's I scored for $20 on the clearance racks of Bloomie's. I am not one for layering, but I rolled out of bed & decided right then & there to grunge it up on this awesome & awkward Sunday. Just one of those Sundays when your outfit doesn't make sense, the thought of going to the mall disgusts you, & you would willingly lose your left arm for an enormous bowl of ice cream. Anyone?

Hope you a great weekend - that was awesome, not awkward. Be extra cool & enter my Nyopoly giveaway here!

need nyopoly (closed)

Back in the day when I was in high-school (& so cool) I bartered with a street vendor in NYC for a fake Rolex.. walked away with that baby $10 cheaper than what he tried to sell it to me for. It was like Christmas all over again. Now, imagine negotiating the price of a MK watch or Prada sunglasses & walking away with a high end designer, fashionable find at a cheaper price than retail value. Um, score!

Introducing Nyopoly, my new favorite Boston based e-commerce site that let's you do exactly that (minus the fake Rolex) featuring fabulous designers & on trend items, from Movado to Gucci! You determine your purchase price with the cashier real time - no auctions, no competition, & completely personal.

A few things I've been eying on Nyoply featured above:
  1. Screams spring | Handbag made in Italia, Retail: $252
  2. I love anything Ford | Tom Ford Sunglasses, Retail $495
  3. Have been on the hunt for a silver watch | Michael Kors Stainless Steel Watch, Retail $323
  4. Armed forces | D&G Horned Necklace, Retail $293
Lucky you has the opportunity to win a $50 credit to Nyopoly to put towards any of your purchases by using the Rafflecopter below! Giveaway ends next Thursday, on January 31st - I will contact the winner.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck!

call me crazy

Wearing: MinkPink Top | c/o Olivia & Joy Tote | c/o W118 by Walter Baker Vest  (similar) | Zara Heels | Joe's Jeans | UO Watch | House of Harlow Sunnies

Call me crazy but I am one to choose beauty over comfort any day. I am sure as I get older that will change, but for now I am more than willing to rock 4 inch platforms even if my feet kill. This outfit on the other hand is pure comfort. I am usually the girl rocking head to toe sweats when I head to the mall (think college, when you tucked extremely baggy sweatpants into rolled over Uggs.. hot). But this weekend I decided to step it up a notch, layer up in my warm WB vest while toting my life around in my new favorite Olivia & Joy handbag.

Have you checked out their bags?! Cute, stylish, & great prices.. I'm in in love. Take a look here.

fancy pants

Wearing: Bar III Pants (similar) & Necklace | Gap Sweater | Trouve Clutch | Kate Spade Sunnies

Call me crazy but, can this outfit be any more fun? It's like color threw up on me - a little bit of print, pattern, texture, & color, & I'm ready to bust a move. My mom said this outfit was "sexy." Ehh, not really the look I'm going for with printed pants but I'll take what I can get. I am pretty sure this outfit would detract a lot of men at the bar, but so be it.

Either way, this week has been an absolute whirlwind, hitting an all time high last night as I hosted a fashion segment on 95.9 WATD! As soon as the CD hits my hand, I'll be sure to share it with you on the blog. I'm pretty sure I called a "handkerchief" a "hankership" & announced to the listening audience "I'm so nervous" one too many times, but it was an experience I'll never forget. For those who listened, thank you! Now, go buy some pants.. ya fancy.

baby's 1st

Wearing: UO Dress | Dolce Vita Heels (similar) | Gap Jewels

Allie Wears turns 1! A bloggin' birthday.. ohh, yeah.

I started my blog for many reasons: to kick start my passion for creativity, to document my love for fashion with people who actually care, & to evolve my eye for photography in more ways than one, but never in a million years did I think my blog would bring me here. Here being hosting a fashion segment on 95.9 WATD this Wednesday night. Here being selected (& soon to be featured) as one of Poppy's Magazine top 20 up & coming personal style bloggers. Here being new blog collaborations with brands & designers I truly love. But most importantly, here at a castle with a red balloon, a year later!

2013 is off to a pretty good start. Everything seems to be falling into place & I couldn't be more excited. In the end, I couldn't do it without you. You inspire me, to inspire you, & I am forever grateful. After this style shoot, I took a deep (pranayam) breath & said "To life, love, & fashion.." & watched the balloon crowd outer-space.

more mollo

Images 2 & 4 via Katrina Eugenia Photography

While I was in NY, I made the trek to Brooklyn solely to meet Julie Mollo, a Brooklyn based fashion designer who is as cool & creative as they come. She is the genius behind this fun & flirty romper Katy Perry wore at the 2008 VMA's, as well as this, & this - eek!

She has created the infamous circle skirt, is fan of all things fun & funky, & has one kick ass studio apartment that is an adventure in itself - from tiara wearing flowers to polka dot walls. She was as cool as I imagined & beyond fun to chat with, as we spent the afternoon rummaging through her racks of clothes & swapping career goals over tea. Read on to learn more about JM & her pretty awesome life.

Who is Julie Mollo?
I am a Brooklyn based fashion designer of all things super fun & flirty! I am also a [single] homemaker extraordinaire - running my blog, Home Economics, where I post daily about food, fashion, & fun! 

How would you describe your killer style? 
I would compare my personal style & design aesthetic pretty similarly - retro, rock, & roll! I love circle skirts & studded dresses, acid washed denim straight from the stage, & red & white cotton gingham straight from a picnic. 

What inspires you?
My designs have always come from a similar inspiration, but the results have always been different. Some collections are more retro than rock & roll, some classy and some sassy.

How did you get here? Here being a kick-ass Brooklyn based designer.
Growing up in Grafton, MA, I always knew that the small-town lifestyle wasn't for me. I only wanted NY, so I chose to attend college at the Pratt in Brooklyn. Brooklyn is the best. I've stayed in Pratt's neighborhood (Clinton Hill) where I've set up a living/working environment that I have inhabited for almost 4 years now - wow! I definitely worked through college, though, & made all of Katy's best-known pieces in my dorm room.

Designing for Katy Perry must have been a huge OMG moment!
In August of 2008, my BF called to ask if I'd been online that day. There were tons of images of Katy wearing two of my outfits on back to back dates of the Vans Warped tour. It was the first time I saw images of someone I didn't know personally wearing my clothes, & the first time that they had been worn on stage. I freaked! To top it off, a week later I stood on the side of the Today Show stage & watched Katy perform in my watermelon romper in front of America. Huge. 

Transplanted from central MA to Brooklyn, how has your style evolved throughout the years?
My style is definitely the most refined its ever been. Not to say that my designs are more grown up, they're just as young & fun as ever - much more thought out. I understand myself, my process & my inspirations better every day.

What goes into designing & creating a garment? 
Usually there isn't any blood, but there's usually a lot of sweat (my apartment's heat is crazy) & either none, or a ton, of tears - depending on my personal life. My outfits rarely go through a well sketched process. Most times, I get something in my head & impulsively make it. When designing a collection, I sketch & sketch & sketch, & then narrow down. Picking your final collection is always very exciting. Seeing that same collection that was drawn walk down a runway is even better. That realness makes it all worth it. 

Is the fashion world as glamorous as it seems?
Oh god, this industry is the worst! I am lucky that I have been able to compile a wonderful team of people that are very strong & who know me & my work very well. Having a support team, especially in a meanie industry like fashion is so, so important. 

What are some words of wisdom for those who want to start a career as a fashion designer?
If you're insane, go for it! It's a grind, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Who, & what, inspires you? 
The silhouettes & lifestyle of the 1950's & the city of NY are all huge influences on my designs. I love very literal designs - when I am inspired by something it shows, whether it be a piece of fruit, a shark, or a treasure map, you see it on the garment, loud & clear.. & usually sparkly!

What's next for Julie Mollo?
Production - I don't want to sew my clothes anymore. Also, a reality-with-a-purpose TV show based off my blog, called The Julie Mollo Show, is in the talks with a few production companies - you can view the pilot at JulieMollo.com! We will see what 2013 brings! Fingers crossed!

A huge thanks to Julie for taking the time to chat with me. To learn more about Ms. Julie Mollo, check out her interview with Seventeen Magazine here, & follow her on Twitter & Facebook for a daily dose of fashion!

basik giveaway (closed)

Wearing: Zara Shirt | UO Jeans | Steve Madden Loafers | c/o PB & J Boutique Clutch

No better way to start the New Year than with a giveaway from one of my favorite online shops, PB & J Boutique! I don't know about you, but I am totally that girl at the airport with an unorganized purse, a jam packed carry-on , & a suitcase that weighs more than 50 pounds, who struggles to find her passport & can't seem to locate her airline tickets - which is exactly why this Basik Travel Clutch is a travelers dream come true! Not only does it have the necessary components for your credit cards & ID, but it's big enough to house all of your important documents.

I want to eliminate all airport awkwardness by giving you the chance to win one, so follow the steps below. Giveaway is open to international users, & ends next Wednesday, on January 16th - I will contact the winner.

Enter to win by:
  1. "Like" PB&J Boutique on Facebook 
  2. Make sure to leave a comment below with your contact info!
Extra entries:
  1. Follow Allie Wears on Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin'
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Good luck!

The winner is #9, fashion blogger Short Presents!

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