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Wearing: Upbra Convertible Bra (wearing a size 36B)

As a girl who is part of the #smalltittycommittee, bras are a rare occurrence in my wardrobe. I tend to wear them when a) it’s required, like at work b) I want to fill out a top/dress or c) I want my chest to appear larger. I wear bralettes & pasties a lot more than I wear a bra. But, I still like to have 2-3 comfortable bras that fit me well around my waist & work some magic with my womanly assets. Upbra reached out & asked me to review one of their bras, which were built to be the “perfect adjustable lift-up & cleavage bra.”

The Convertible Bra, seen above, can be worn 18 different ways & comes in 3 classic colors. I liked that the straps can be easily removed, allowing this bra to convert to a strapless bra within seconds. I also love that this bra contains pretty cool technology, undercover cleavage control snaps, which allows me to have complete control over the cleavage I want to share with the world. I can tighten the snaps for super duper cleavage or loosen them for more everyday wear. I’m not a cleavage kinda gal so I only hooked the snaps 2-3 spaces, but my lady parts definitely looked & felt more lifted than they do when I wear a basic bra.

Click here to learn more about Upbra & the revolutionary bras they’ve designed!


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