You ask, I answer.

How would you describe your style?
Creative, comfortable, & casual.

Do you blog full-time? 
No! I am a consultant for Vans & have a few side gigs, like writing fashion articles for thredUP. I work on this blog (& everything that goes along with it) early in the AM, late at night, & on the weekends. You can learn more about what I do here.

Why did you start a blog? 
In college, I wore anything & everything. I was wearing a jean skirt with leg warmers one day & a pencil skirt with 4-inch heels the next. My style was all over the place, but my friends would always look to me for fashion advice. I figured I’d start documenting my fashion finds & the blog was born.

Where do you live? 
Last summer I moved from California to Raleigh, NC for my darling boyfriend, Ry. I loved California but I am originally from Boston so I’m excited to be back on the east coast since most of my family & friends are here!

Where do you shop the most? 
I shop the most at Free People, American Eagle, Zara, Abercrombie & Other Stories. I also love Macy’s – I can find anything there.

What size are you? 
I’m 5’9″ & wear a size 4/6, depending on the brand.

Who takes your pictures? 
I shoot 1-2x a month with Glory & all other pictures are taken on the fly by my boyfriend or friends.

What kind of camera do you use? 
I use a Nikon D5200 with a 35mm lens.

Why do you like blogging? 
It’s my creative outlet & honestly, it’s fun! I enjoy creating content for you guys, whether it’s through photography, fashion, or writing. It’s also been so cool building a brand & running a small business. I like being my own #girlboss, you know?

Do you have any advice on starting a blog? 
If not now, when? That’s my favorite quote that has played a large part in some big decisions throughout my life. If you’re thinking about starting a blog, just do it! I shared WHY you should start a blog in this post & 10 tips on how to go about starting a blog in this post. There are also so many great articles online, especially on Pinterest.

Who does your hair? 
I take my hair very seriously! In Raleigh, I go to Ashley at Gilded Salon. In Boston, I recommend Kim at Blondie Salon & Spa. In California, I went to Kelly Collins at the Parlor Hair Boutique at Seal Beach. You can see how I style my infamous beach waves here. I also have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to balayage where I get a lot of my ideas.

How do you make money?
I charge for my time, whether it’s a style post featuring a specific brand, an Instagram post endorsing a product, or an event that I am hosting. I also work with a third party affiliate linking site, which means if you buy a product that I feature on my blog or social media channels, I make a small commission.

Where can I find you? 
I spend a lot of time sharing my life over on Instagram. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest!