fun in the boston sun

June 27, 2014

Living in the city has really opened up my eyes to just how much fun Boston is – with or without sunshine! My girlfriends & I sat down & declared this to be the best summer yet, drafting up a list of things to do for the remainder of the summer. I’d like to think we have a pretty kick-ass list going, so I figured it’s only fair to share with you! I hope it gives you some ideas on how to have some fun in the Boston sun this summer.

  1. A bar crawl along the Freedom Trail – a drink at every site required!
  2. Rent a hub-way & bike across the pond to Charlestown, wasting the day wandering.
  3. Kayaking the Charles.. hoping & praying we don’t fall in.
  4. Visiting the ICA on a Thursday night – it’s free!
  5. A sunset picnic at Castle Island.
  6. Road biking from Hampton Beach to Rye – such a pretty view.
  7. Setting up shop at Hotel Indigo, a pool bar in Newton.
  8. A Red Sox game – no explanation needed!
  9. A night spent in Newport, RI, pretending we’re preppy & mansion hopping.
  10. Floating down the Saco & camping out for the weekend, mowing s’mores & drinking beer.

What’s on your list this summer? Please share!

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