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December 12, 2013

I may or may not have asked Santa for all of these items, but I’d like to think that if I want them my girlfriends would, too – no!? Take a peek at last year’s gift guide for your female friends & it’s safe to assume girls are pretty easy to buy for. You can’t go wrong with a gift-card but why not really blow them out of the water with buying something unexpectedly cool.. like a glittered neon faux deer head?!

  1. Gloves that can stay on while you type – oh, ah! | Macy’s
  2. Fun prints look great on any wall | Etsy
  3. Dainty rings from a fellow blogger, WeWoreWhat | Bing Bang NYC
  4. An iPad Mini, like the rest of the world | Target
  5. Black booties that are both stylish & classic | Zara
  6. An online order of the best desserts in all of the land | Vegan Treats
  7. These painted faux deer heads are all the rage, for good reason | Etsy
  8. The Josie Maran Aragn Oil has completely changed my life hair | Sephora
  9. My #1 beauty secret: a top coat that dries instantly | Ulta (or CVS)
  10. A cute, well-made tote for all of your essentials | Madewell
& if you’re behind the curve on sending out holiday cards, my sponsor Pikcal is offering 20% off any online order of custom cards with code blogcard20. Happy Shopping!

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