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Ahh.. Monday. Sleep until 8:59 AM. Roll out of bed to join your 9 AM conference call in your pajamas. Curl up on the couch with your laptop, in your pajamas. Watch unlimited Netflix documentaries. 5 o’clock hits, order pizza & crack a beer.

HAHA – just kidding! To me, that sounds more like a Saturday than a Monday. After starting my career in consulting almost 8 years ago, I feel like I’ve mastered how to WFH. Especially in the consulting industry, I need to be available for my clients 24/7 which means I’m “always” working. That expectation allows much more of a flexible schedule, allowing me to be more efficient with my time. I actually prefer working from home because I get more done & I can do what I want to & need to on my own schedule. Read on to share my tips & tricks on mastering the WFH lifestyle!

Wake up early. Even though I don’t need to be out the door at 7 AM to avoid morning traffic, I still like to get up with the rest of them. On my best days, I wake up at 6 AM & open my computer first thing (after I brush my teeth & all that jazz) to check my emails. It allows me to respond to anything urgent while mentally prepare for what’s on today’s agenda. That gives me almost 2-3 hours to get other ish done until I start my work day around 9 or 10 AM.

Work-out. Especially since I’m home all day, I need to get out & move. I prefer to work-out in the mornings for 30-45 minutes – a Classpass class, a 3-mile run, or weights at the gym. If I don’t have time to work-out, I still force myself to take a walk & listen to a podcast (click here for my favorite podcasts). If you don’t make a conscious effort to get out of the house, you can easily blink & it’s 5 PM.

Find your favorite coffee shops. I prefer a change of scenery, so there are a handful of coffee shops downtown that I rotate throughout the week. I bring my rose gold headphones, order a large coffee, & zone out for a few hours. I also love going to my local library if I’m not in the coffee shop mood.

Always be on. I am always available, no matter what. If your boss is kind enough to let you WFH, be careful to not break the rules & take advantage of this perk. If I’m home, my laptop is always next to me. If I’m out, my phone is always with me. I definitely “clock-out” come 6 PM, but I want my coworkers and clients to know they can easily reach me.

Connect with others. I have a few girlfriends who also WFH, so we plan day dates & meet at the library or a coffee shop to tackle work together.

Go to networking events. It’s hard to feel alone when you’re not in an office chatting with your coworkers, so every few weeks I browse Eventbrite for local networking events. Raleigh is pretty great as they have a Creative Mornings event every month, where creative folks just like me get together to chat, connect, & learn.

Work from anywhere. The great thing about working remotely is that you are not tied to a desk or an office, giving you the luxury of working from… anywhere! Last year, I traveled to Europe for a 3-week vacation without having to take PTO. How’d I swing that, you may ask? I worked while I was there. More importantly, I worked my normal business hours (PST) even though Europe was 9 hours ahead. It wasn’t ideal, but I still got to explore France while getting paid.

A lot of people ask me how I nailed a remote position & it’s hard to give you a straight answer. It’s acceptable in the consulting field, but I do believe more companies are becoming more OK with it. I started my career going into the office 5 days a week. Now, I work from home 5 days a week. If it’s an option you want to pursue, I’d suggest talking to your boss to see if it’s a possibility. They may not be on board with every day, but they make an exception on slow days, like Fridays. Explain why it would benefit you AND them. Sell yourself!

I hope these tips help. If you have any secrets to mastering WFH life, please share! & you can shop my comfy cashmere set below.

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