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I'm Allie - a 27 year old Boston native; lover of high heels, reggae tunes, & nature's beauty. I'm a business consultant & model with Maggie Inc. by day, personal style blogger by night.

Allie Wears documents my personal style, feeds my passion for fashion, & my experience along the way.

Centered in Boston but always on the go - NYC is my second home while California continuously steals my heart. I document my outfits all around town - from the beach to my backyard.

I started this blog after months of hesitation in 2012.. a little fish in a big bloggin' sea. The life of a blogger has truly captivated me - consisting of disheveled style posts & writer's block. But in the end, I blog to inspire you.. to inspire me.

Because I love fashion, duh! I always dress for myself & find getting dressed a creative experiment. I have no bounds & like to test the fashion limits confidently. Sometimes my outfits don't make sense, but that's okay with me. I've learned to embrace the stares & ignore the comments.

As long as you feel good, you look good, & I try to express that to my readers - whoever you may be! Fashion should be fun & a sincere smile never hurts.

A whole lot of time, one pricey camera, an obsessively large closet, & plenty of patient & proud friends.


  1. Hi Allie, I've known Kelly McGinn all my life and saw a pin of your's on her page...first impression: Gorgeous, chic, and so fun! So I looked up your blog and am addicted. It is so awesome to see a real girl, taking style by storm. You've got great ideas are it says a lot that you have the guts to post them and commit to a blog audience. Love the inspiration, Go Girl Go!!

  2. What is the best email to reach you at?


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