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April 4, 2013

Considering I spend a large part of my day on the computer, you bet that I read a lot of articles, view a lot of blog posts, & drool over a lot of shoes. I encounter so many inspiring things that I tuck them away to cherish & hope that one fine day I will have a reason to resort to my archive of inspiration – like that lonely Saturday afternoon I decide to finally make a DIY Tassel Garland. Right?

Which brings me here, to this post below.. sharing links I love, videos that make me laugh, style posts that I envy, & recipes I want to eat.

  • The beautiful ‘You are my wild’ project documents how 14 photographers view their children.
  • Instagram food porn, this girl is an inspiration! Check out her before & after.. damn.
  • Are you one of those people that pretend they are on top of the recent news & events but really, have no idea? Um, me! Sign up for The Skimm – a daily newsletter that puts complex news in simple terms. Bam.
  • I’m not a toddler but you can bet I will be making these.
  • I care way too much about what people think. There, I said it! Here’s 9 reasons why I shouldn’t.
  • Love to shop? Yes. Love to save? Hell yes. Check out Penny Pincher’s daily update on sales alerts & coupon codes – the shopping Gods have spoken.
  • This video makes me want a baby. Just kidding.
  • I awkwardly googled “take good pictures on vacation” & came across this savy link via the NY Times.
  • Because of Sarah’s recent post, I want to buy a pair of overalls. Don’t judge me.

What are some links you love? Enjoy!

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