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Teddy Coat | Turtleneck | Mini Skirt | OTK Boots | Hoop Earrings

Last year, I was bummed I didn’t invest in a teddy coat. I remember seeing this¬†H&M teddy coat on the racks long before teddy coats were even a thing & thinking it was SUPER CUTE but I never pulled the trigger. This year, I DID! I found this cute & cozy teddy coat from Uniqlo for under $40. I bought both the Small & the Medium to test out the sizes & ended up keeping the Small. I’ve worn it so much, in fact, that I’ve already had it dry cleaned (& let’s be honest, when is the last time you had a coat dry cleaned?!)

Here are a few reasons why I love them & why you should get one. I linked some of my favorites styles below!

  1. They’re warm & cozy. Even if you don’t see yourself rocking one outside of the house, wear one inside! I am cold way too freaking often so I love just throwing on my teddy & cozying up on the couch. You look a little more put together than when you answer the door in your bathrobe, you know?
  2. They’re cheap.¬†They range in price, but most of them are on the cheaper side. Mine was only $40 & this one is only $20.
  3. They’re easy to wear. I’ve dressed mine down with sneakers & I’ve dressed mine up with OTK boots. The point is, a teddy coat looks chic either way.. even if you never take it off to expose your outfit underneath. I layered mine with a chunky knit last weekend & still looked cute, even though I should have looked like a potato sack.

Keep reading for some teddy coat inspiration & I am wishing you & yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

Duster Teddy Coat

I prefer the longer version of teddy coats. They cover your bum so you can wear them with leggings!

Bomber Teddy Coat

Another style that has been a hit is the bomber version. They’re a bit shorter & have a zipper closure.

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