November 4, 2021

I don’t know about you but I want our wedding to stand out from the rest. I never saw myself as a traditionalist so the idea of being able to completely customize my day based on what works best for Ryan and me is so exciting. Once I started the wedding planning process, I started to think “What creative and unique ideas can I apply to our big day to really make it special?!” I also asked you over on Instagram and your responses were awesome. Below is a recap, including some ideas I had.


  • Do a first look.
  • Build or buy a piece of furniture and ask your guests to sign it for your guest book.
  • Get a neon sign with your name.
  • Last dance, just the two of you alone in your venue.
  • Set up a photobooth.
  • After your entrance, dip out to have a private dinner just the two of you.
  • Hire @afterthetone. They send a rotary phone and your guests can record voicemails for your guest book.
  • For the remaining 100 days leading up to your wedding, keep a journal that you can gift your husband as a present.
  • Write your own vows.
  • Buy a cake for family that is celebrating the same anniversary as you.
  • Ask your guests to take a selfie and send it to you before asking them to store away their phones for the ceremony.
  • Wedding party superlatives during the rehersal dinner.
  • Sneak away for your own private slow dance away from the crowd during your reception.
  • Have your guests wear all black so the two of you stand out.
  • Pre-labeled bins for your reception clean-up so your items get returned to you.
  • Dances with both parents.
  • Group picture of the wedding ceremony.
  • Aisle exit after the ceremony instead of at the end of the night.
  • Step back and take it all in while everyone enjoys themselves.
  • Images of other married couples on each table, especially those who have passed.
  • Use wooden blocks from a giant JENGA game as the guest book and ask each guest to sign a piece.
  • Hire a live artist to paint your ceremony.
  • Recite a family poem during the ceremony.
  • Serve signature cocktails.
  • Instead of thank you gifts, ask your guests to donate to your favorite charity.
  • Ask your officiant to ask the two of you to turn around so everyone has a chance to take a picture of you before the ceremony begins.
  • First look with your Dad.
  • Have an unplugged ceremony by asking everyone to put their phones away during the ceremony.
  • Print out your vows so your guests can read them during the reception.
  • Use cheap frames and mirrors for decor and signage.
  • Book a food truck.
  • Wine box ceremony with letters from each other, family and the wedding party.
  • Use places you love as table names.
  • Custom dog face cookies.
  • Blessing of the rings.
  • Serve your favorite fun foods during cocktail hour.
  • Provide a bucket full of flip-flops and pashmina wraps for your guests.
  • Make portable charges available.
  • Add your favorite beer and wine to your welcome bags.
  • Pray together as your first look before walking down the aisle.
  • Write each guest a note as their place card and tell them why they are special to you.
  • Include pieces of loved passed ones in your decor.
  • Ask a talented family member to paint your wedding invites.
  • Collect parts of nature (like magnolia trees) and punch holes in them for your guests to throw at you.
  • Have your dog as your wedding topper.
  • Have your new initials embroidered into your dress in blue.
  • Coasters with your dogs face on it as a favor.
  • Tie parts from your engagement and pieces of your relationship throught the night.

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