July 16, 2018

YES, today is Amazon Prime Day which basically equates to Amazon Christmas. If you are an Amazon Prime account holder, you get access to awesome deals on select items. I always love seeing what people buy on Amazon, so I thought I’d compile a list of my favorite Amazon purchases over the last 12 months! Best of all, a few are on major sale (#1, #5, & #7) for the next 36 hours.

  1. Echo Dot (PRIME DEAL): If you just want to listen to music &/or ask Alexa stupid questions, get the Echo. It’s cheap & does the trick for a discreet speaker!
  2. Vitamin C Serum: Serums are so expensive & this baby is only $20. I love incorporating this serum into my daily skincare routine, usually applying it in the AM before my moisturizer.
  3. Kerastase Resistance Bain Collection Shampoo & Conditioner: These products have been a game changer for my damaged hair. I’ve seen & felt a dramatic difference in the texture of my hair since using them & would recommend them again & again.
  4. Collagen Powder: I love putting collagen into my smoothies. You can’t taste it, it does wonders for your skin, & whenever I drink it I feel skinny. True story.
  5. Clarisonic Mia (PRIME DEAL): If you’re into skincare, you need to buy a Clarisonic Mia. It’s worth the money & you can interchange the heads. I also love using this Clarisonic Massage Head to boost collagen & tighten the skin on my face & neck.
  6. Facial Razors: These are great for dermaplaning, which I do once a month. My boyfriend also loves to use them to clean up his beard.
  7. Crock-pot (PRIME DEAL): If like cooking (&/or lazy), buy this Crock-pot for soup, rice, & every meat dish in between. Set it & forget it!
  8. Tesla Yoga Pants: For $13, these high-waisted yoga pants are the best. They come in every color you can imagine & are made of great material.
  9. True Grit Pile: This will be the comfiest piece of clothing you own. They are unisex (a small fits me perfectly – slightly oversized) & I plan on wearing it when I need to warm up.
  10. Tongue Scraper: Use this every morning to clean your tongue. It’ll change your life.
  11. Vegetable Containers: How do you store a half-eaten avocado? No one knows. Use this Avocado Storage Container & Onion Storage Container to keep things fresh.
  12. Silk Pillowcase: These do wonders for your hair & your skin – reducing wrinkles & hair breakage. Plus, with almost 4,000 reviews you know it’s a win.

You can also find all of the items above, plus other items that I swear by on my Amazon affiliate page. Simply click on an item & it will bring you directly to the page to purchase it. Click here to check it out!

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