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March 6, 2012

Wearing: Free People Jumpsuit | UO Hat (similar)

After two weeks of vacationing in my favorite city, San Diego, & my favorite state, Hawaii, I am finally home (after missing my flight by.. accident), 5 pounds heavier, & sleep deprived. San Diego
included way too many cocktails, long nights spent wandering the boardwalk, & unnecessary shopping at seaside boutiques. In Hawaii we had a college rendezvous staying with two close friends, eating amazing food, exploring gorgeous beaches & hiking, all while losing our vocal cords from waking up to a 6 inch spider shopping through Jen’s suitcase.

Lesson learned this trip:

  1. Never wear a fur stole in San Diego. It causes unnecessary attention.
  2. Bring a First-Aid kit when hiking with Jen.
  3. Always check your boarding pass for your flight departure time before heading to the food court.. damn.
  4. If I can live fashionably for two weeks with a suitcase full of clothes, I can live fashionably for the next year with my endless closet full of clothes. Also known as, no more shopping.

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