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You ask, & you shall receive..

My first vlog tutorial showing you how I curl this thick head of hair! You didn't really think I was born with these pretty curls, did ya? A lot of people are scared of the curling iron (this could be why), but once you get the hang of it, it's easy! Follow along above & click on the links below to see which products I use:
    • PREP | I use Paul Mitchell Root Lifter spray & a few drops of Josie Maran Argan Oil on damp hair 
    • BRUSH | Invest in a paddle brush or a wide tooth comb for damage-free detangling 
    • DRY | Cheap or expensive, buy a trusty hairdryer (I use Hot Tools) 
    • STYLE | Once your hair is dry, smooth out the top layer with a ceramic round brush 
    • COOL | Set the blowdry with cool air 
    • CURL | Always curl away from your face! On your right, the clamp should face in. On your left, the clamp should face out. For extra volume, I start at the bottom & curl my way up.
    • SET | Finish that beauty off with a few quick touch-ups & some hairspray 
    • PARTY | Now, go party!
    My hair always looks best the first day.. none of this "I don't wash my hair for 3 days" crap. If I am in a rush & don't have time to wash & dry my hair, I use dry shampoo (a girl's best friend) & touch up the top layer with a few curls. I hope you have a fabulous hair day!

    & a huge thanks to Brian Daly for the awesome video!

    all over it

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    Nothing warms my heart more than seeing styles we used to cringe at make a killer comeback. This overall trend? All over it! Not only are these worn-in jean jumpsuits beyond comfortable, but they look chic dressed up with heels or dressed down with a pair of Birks. I especially love them with a crop top underneath, showing a little bit of skin while still playing it safe. Step out of your comfort zone & invest in a pair! If not now, when?

    Shop my picks below!

    miami vice

    Miami was a dream, & let me tell you why. Not only was the weather perfect, but I had a four day weekend with my two best friends that included nothing but sleeping, eating, drinking, swimming, & sun bathing. I mean.. a dream, am I right? Here's a quick re-cap of our fabulous girls weekend:
    1. We stayed at The Surfcomber on Collins Ave. It was fun, trendy, located right on the beach, & they even hosted a free happy hour every day that included endless glasses of wine. No complaints here.
    2. I'll never understand Miami fashion. Who wears heels to the beach? I lived in simple outfits, like this ASOS swing dress.
    3. Nude. Yeah.
    4. Palm trees make me smile.. just like that!
    5. I've never drank so many frozen piƱa coladas in my life. True story.
    6. Champs by the pool was a daily occurrence.
    Point is, this vacation was long overdue & it included all of the relaxation that I needed. I came back to frigid New England 5 lbs. heavier & with a glowing orange tan but it was well worth it.
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