gua sha tutorial


I have been raving about gua sha facial massage for years and it was about time I released a tutorial on how I use a gua sha facial massage tool. For those who aren’t aware of gua sha, it is a traditional Eastern and Southeast Asian healing technique in which a tool is used on the body (usually the face) to release facial and muscular tension and promote lymphatic drainage.

Effects of gua sha facial massage:

  • help relieve tension in the face
  • reduce puffiness and inflammation
  • promoting circulation
  • tone and sculpt the face
  • helps soften fine lines and wrinkles

How often should I gua sha?

You will see the best results if you are consistent. I would aim for a few times a week. I gua sha daily and I have been doing it for so long, it is now second nature. I gua sha in the morning before I wash my face and do my skincare routine. You can also do it as a final step to your nighttime skincare routine.

What tool should I use?

You can find endless gua sha tool options on Amazon, Sephora, etc. I would recommend the Wildling Empress Stone as a pricier option and this Rena Chris Tool as an affordable option. I have both and use both! I find these two are easy to hold and have the right amount of grooves and divots to really work the face. I, personally, do not recommend the stainless steel ones. Please be extra careful handling a gua sha stone because if you drop it, it. will. break.

Do I need to use a facial oil? If so, which one?

You cannot, should not, and WILL NOT use a gua sha stone without applying oil first. Not water, face wash, moisturizer.. you need to use an OIL. This helps the tool glide over the skin without pulling or tugging. Since I gua sha before I wash my face, it does not matter which oil I use since I just wash it off. I am currently using this Melinda Lee Holm Facial Oil, which has been my favorite oil that I have used so far. I also recommend this affordable rose seed hip oil and this popular facial oil on Amazon.


  1. Warm the oil in your hands and apply to your face and neck.
  2. Open your lymph nodes by slowly pressing against your lymph nodes in your neck and face.
  3. Starting with your neck, massage the tool down your neck 10x on the right side, 10x on the left.
  4. Moving to your jawline, massage the tool from your chin to your ear, 10x on the right side, 10x on the left.
  5. Work your way up your face, following the video above, repeating every move 10x on both the right and left side of your face. The tool should move from the inside of your face outwards. If working your under-eyes, the tool should move from the outside of your eye inwards.
  6. After you complete each section (jawline, cheek, cheekbone, etc.), drain the fluid down your neck.
  7. I spend some extra time massaging the tool against any deep set wrinkles, like my smile lines and forehead 11’s.
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