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For the last 2 years, I’ve been getting combo brows done, which is a combination of both microblading and powder brows, by my girl Lisa at Arch and Edge. Tattooing your eyebrows has become really popular over the last few years and I wanted to share more about combo brows because they do differ from microblading. Almost 5 years ago, I documented my first microblading experience in a blog post here. My skin prefers one over the other, and I wanted to share why.

combo brows microblading

What are combo brows?

Combo brows is a combination of two forms of semi-permanent techniques: microblading and powder brows (shading). Microblading hair-strokes are placed around the border of the brow, in addition to shading which is done within the borders to blend it all together. Hence the name: combo brows.

What are microblading brows?

Microblading is using just the hair-stoke technique across your entire eyebrow for realistic-looking brow hairs. There is no shading done within the borders.

Is one better than the other?

Combo brows tend to last longer, as they use more pigment throughout the eyebrow. Your brows will still look natural, but a bit darker and more full than microblading. It’s also great for those with oily skin, which I can 100% attest to!

How much does it cost?

Combo brows are more expensive than microblading, as they do last longer. Here in Raleigh, you are looking at a price range of $350-$550 for the initial appointment. Once you include a tip, and the price of your 6 week touch-up, you’re looking at anywhere between $500-$750. Pricey but worth it!

What is the healing process?

The healing process is more or less the same for both combo brows and microblading. It takes approximately 7-14 days for the brows to heal over, and about 1 month for the color to fully set in. For the first 2 weeks or so, it’s crucial that you do not get your brows wet to allow them to heal properly. Your tattoo artist will share how you should care for them – whether it’s an ointment you put on them or let them dry out completely.

Once they heal over, the colored pigment will start to darken. It can take up to 4 weeks for your brows to completely settle. You’ll notice the color is very light right after the two weeks after healing. Don’t stress! This is known as the milk skin and is common in tattooing. They do recommend you go in for a touch-up appointment 6-8 weeks after your initial appointment where they can darken any areas or fill in any spots.

How long do combo brows last?

Combo brows can last up to 12 months, even longer! The last time I had combo brows done by Lisa, the pigmented last 14+ months. The pigment did fade but it was still somewhat visible, which I used as a guide when filling in my eyebrows.

Is it worth it?

It’s a personal preference but if you already fill in your eyebrows, then yes… yes, yes, yes! Having tattooed eyebrows saves time, money and energy. Plus, they’re (semi) permanent.. which means, go swimming, take off your makeup, wash your face.. your eyebrows will always look good!

I hope you found this Q&A helpful. I share another detailed FAQ on Instagram here, and if you do visit Arch and Edge, be sure to tell them I sent you!


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    February 3, 2021 at 10:38 am

    Thanks for the info I can’t wait to get mine done!

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