I am *finally* sharing the benefits of icing your face in a blog post! Last summer, I shared with you all that I started icing my face daily and damn, the response was insane. Who knew that a single ICE CUBE could change your life? There are so many reasons why you should include icing your face to your routine. Best of all, it’s a free product to add to your skincare routine!


Personally, I prefer icing my face with an actual ice cube instead of using an ice roller. I find an ice cube is much colder, and stays cold, rather than an ice roller that tends to warm up after a few passes. I started using ice cubes (from your freezer!) wrapped in paper towels, and then I graduated on to this Cyro Cup which is a little less messy. I still like to hold a towel underneath to capture the drips and/or stand over the sink. Click here to watch a Reels where I show you how I use it! Here are some benefits on why you should ice your face and neck:


  1. It helps with puffiness and dark circles by reducing the swelling in your face.
  2. It improves circulation (the cold constricts the blood vessels) which brightens your skin!
  3. It reduces inflammation, which is great for those with acne prone skin or those suffering from contact dermatitis or a sunburn!
  4. It minimizes the size of your pores, keeping out dirt!
  5. It enhances product absorption, allowing products like serums and masks to penetrate deeper!
  6. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, preventing aging.
  7. It helps reduce oil production – a *free* makeup primer!
  8. Best of all, it wakes you TF up!


  1. I suggest icing your face in the morning, after you wash your face and before you start your skincare routine.
  2. ~30 seconds – 1 minute is enough time to ice your face. Be sure to ice your face, your under eyes, and down your neck.
  3. I like my face to air dry once I’m done but you can simply dry it off by patting your face with a towel.
  4. Ice does drip so I suggest holding a towel underneath you or standing over the sink at an angle.

I love sharing beauty tips with you all. If you start icing your face, hop over to Instagram and let me know what you think! If you want to read more, click here to see my 4-step morning skincare routine and click here to learn about another skincare product that I use daily.

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