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Considering I’ve been blogging for.. um, 7 years, I’ve had my share of creative ROADBLOCKS. It happens all too often that I get in a funk & I feel like I have nothing to share or nothing to say!

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I’ve come to realize that this is normal & instead of fighting my feelings, I’ve learned how best to manage them. Below are some tips that have worked for me, especially the last few months, to reignite my creativity & excitement for blogging.

Lean on like-minded individuals.

As supportive as my boyfriend is, I can’t say he’d prefer to spend his Sunday afternoon planning blog content with me. When I need a brainstorm session, I reach out to my girlfriends who are in the blogging realm right alongside me. We meet for coffee, grab dinner, get together for a photoshoot, & the creativity just FLOWS. Whether I’m venting or brainstorming, they’re happy to listen & provide feedback because they enjoy talking about it just as much me.

Try something different.

Mix it up! For me, that could be trying a new fashion trend, a different pose, an alternative engagement strategy or writing about new blog topics. I think we hit a creativity lull when we’re bored. The content we’re creating is no longer exciting us, so why not step out of our comfort zone & try something new? It may not work but that’s the fun of it. I love to gather inspiration from Pinterest & other bloggers I admire. You have to assume they’re doing something right if you enjoy interacting with the content that they create.

Take a break.

They say you should listen to your body, right? Well, you should listen to your brain! I used to get extremely discouraged & disappointed in myself when I hit writer’s bloggers block. I would force myself to write a blog post, or snap an Instagram picture, just so I could keep up with the Joneses. It made this blog feel more like a chore than a passion which was not fun.. at all. So now, when I am feeling blah, I put my feet up & rest awhile. I take a break from social media, ignore my blog & process my feelings. It’s a mental reset & sometimes, that’s all I need.

I’d love to know.. how do you reignite your creativity? Shop my outfit below!

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