You asked, I answered! I put up a poll on Instagram stories wondering if you guys would be interested in a video showing how I prep for a shoot & the verdict was YES so, here you go!

Whether I have a blog shoot or a modeling shoot coming up, I always like to start preparing a few days before. In this video, I show you 7 steps on how I prep my skin & face the day before & the day of a shoot. In addition, I strive to eat healthy (plant-based diet) during the week & break a sweat every day, whether it’s at the gym or a hot yoga class.


STEP 1: This 32 oz. Hydro Flask keeps me accountable for drinking a ton of water. I used to think dehydrating myself was the best way to “feel skinny,” but really, it’s the opposite. If you drink a lot of H2O the day before, you’ll rid the toxins in the AM.

STEP 2: If I need to save time, I like to do my hair the day before & sleep with it in a top bun. In order to maintain my beach waves, I wrap my hair in a loose bun at the top of my head (near my hairline) & use an alligator clip to secure it. They don’t leave marks on my hair & my waves stay intact.

STEP 3: My skin can be quite sensitive, so I like to do a face mask the day before instead of the day of, just to be safe. I feel the benefits of this Aztec Healing Clay Mask for days. Plus, it’s super cheap!

STEP 4: Before I head to bed, I pat my face & neck with Derma E’s face oil (pat, do not rub!). When I wake up, my skin has absorbed the oil & it feels super smooth.


STEP 5: I swear by Crest 3D Whitestrips (even for my sensitive teeth). I’ve seen a drastic difference in the color of my teeth & you only need to wear them for 30 minutes.

STEP 6: Soon after waking up (sans facial products or make-up), I ice roll my face & neck focusing on my under eyes & eyelids. Not only does the cold sensation feel great, but it helps depuff your face & get things moving.

STEP 7: Dry brushing your skin is a great way to exfoliate before you hop into the shower. Using this Dry Skin Body Brush, start with light pressure & swipe up towards your heart to increase circulation. Do it in the shower before you turn the water on & you’re good to go.

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