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This morning I attended Tuedays Together, a monthly event here in Raleigh targeted at local creatives. Carrie Grace, a motivational speaker, was the featured speaker who talked about goal setting & vision casting.

To be honest, I don’t set goals. I do, kind of, in my head.. but I never write down goals & take actionable steps towards them. It’s crazy, I know, but I’ve always been one to just.. keep a running to-do list, however big or small, in my head. So, I left Tuesdays Together this morning feeling inspired (as I do every time I attend one of their events!). Carrie made so many great points & I even found myself jotting down some SMART goals as she presented (aka Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-based).

Below were my biggest takeaways from the event. Also, if you are a creative living in Raleigh &/or want to connect with this community, I highly recommend attending one of these free events. The next one is February 11 from 1-3 PM at Dove & Olive in Five Points & will feature a financial planner to talk MONEY.


Carrie mapped out an equation for determining your goals:

BLANK * BLANK = X or $

As soon as I heard that, I thought about this blog & taking on monetary collaborations. For example, if I set a goal for my blog to bring in $10,000 in 2020, I will need to secure 10 collaborations at $1,000 each. Thinking of the end goal can be intimidating but, when I break it down & realize I only need to secure 1-2 collaborations each month, it doesn’t seem so bad.


As in, keep yourself accountable! Share your goals with a friend over coffee. Tell your Mom. Type them out for the world to read in a blog post. That way, they are concrete & if your friend/Mom/readers do check-in, it keeps you accountable to keep working towards them.


Show up to those events that you’d rather skip. Speak up to that stranger who asks you who you are & what you do. Scan your LinkedIn & reach out to a potential connection. Send that DM on Instagram. Step out of your comfort zone & leverage those connections & relationships.


I loved Carrie’s analogy for this. “It’s not hard to start the race.. it’s hard to finish it.” So, always go the extra mile & try to finish what you started. You may run into roadblocks or have to take a different path but crossing the finish line (eventually) makes it all worth it.


“Say thank you to those who help you get closer to your goal.” We do live in a world where we want it all & what we want it right now. If we don’t get it, we pout. Change your mentality so that you are grateful & thankful even if something doesn’t work out. If your email is ignored, or a blog collaboration falls through.. be thankful you took the chance & had the opportunity.

Do you set goals? I am inspired to after today. I’ll be taking all of Carrie’s points to heart & I hope you found these tips helpful! You can shop my look below.

Images by Glory Roze Photography.

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