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I asked you guys over on Instagram Stories last week for ANY and ALL advice when it comes to motherhood. As I’ve been researching different products to figure out what items I have to have, I’ve learned a lot of tips myself that helped me prepare for what’s to come and make decisions on what items I need to purchase. Not to mention, you guys delivered! Keep reading and get ready to take some mental notes!


  • Don’t invest in a specific bottle or pacifier just yet. Figure out what kind your baby likes first. This pacifier box and this bottle box feature several different types you can try.
  • Wait to see if your baby likes being held in a carrier before purchasing one.
  • Don’t skip newborn clothes. Chances are you will need some.
  • Buying secondhand can save you a lot of money! Facebook Marketplace has great things for sale, like cribs.
  • If you’re tall, the height of your changing table matters.
  • Try out nursery chairs before buying one. Many people prefer ones that recline in addition to glides.
  • Get the free stuff! Depending on where you are registered, you can get a free baby box with samples and coupons (Babylist, Walmart and Target have one, among others).



  • A lot of people come in and out of your hospital room so don’t be alarmed.
  • Get yourself a Frida Mom Peri Bottle – absolutely amazing.
  • Bring your own delivery gown. Gownies on Amazon is a great brand.
  • Postpartum panties are a must! Frida Mom disposable and then transition to Bodily.
  • Buy a few c-section recovery items in addition to vaginal birth items, just incase plans change.
  • You’ll need a bigger trashcan in your bathroom as you heal. Upgrade it now.
  • Don’t expect to get much sleep in the hospital.


  • Invest in the comfy nursing bras. Your boobs will thank you!
  • Get a haakaa Manual Breast Pump if you are going to breastfeed.
  • Breastfeeding is hard. Find a good lactation consultant and support system.
  • If you plan on nursing or pumping, Kindred Bravely has an amazing all-in-one bra
  • Silverettes are so helpful for breastfeeding sore nipples.
  • Your mental health needs to be a priority above all else. Do not neglect it.
  • Using formula is not bad. It does not mean you fail motherhood or your child.


  • Use a zipper mesh laundry bag for baby socks, mittens, etc. No more lost littles in the laundry!
  • Have multiples of your every day clothing essentials to avoid doing laundry multiple times a day.
  • A good hat is clutch for those “kind of cold but not that cold” walks. We love Love Your Melon.
  • You need more clothes than you think.
  • She is going to outgrow clothes so quickly. You’ll have outfits that she never even wears.
  • Stock up on some magnetic snap jammies. They are worth the extra money for quick changes.


  • BABYBJORN bouncer is easily our most used item.
  • Wipe warmers are clutch!
  • Make sure you love the ease of the carseat to stroller. You’ll use it the most!
  • Get a changing pad like a Keekaroo to put on top of your dresser.
  • You don’t need half the shit people tell you.
  • If you are in a two-story house, have a changing area downstairs, too.
  • If you are going with a Wifi monitor for home, get a cheaper non-wifi one for travel.
  • Hands Up Swaddles are amazing. Both our babies slept the best this way!
  • Buy the Ollie swaddle – game-changer.
  • If you get a SnuggleMe, buy the covers.
  • Silicon changing table that can be wiped down. Not fabric.
  • Get a bath thermometer! It is a must have.
  • Diaper rash cream applicators are amazing! No messy hands.
  • Not all pacifiers and babies are the same. Start with the ones the hospital gives you first.
  • Have a basket/cart with diapers, wipes, etc. next to where you will sit the most.
  • Borrow equipment from friends that is limited in use and takes up a lot of room.


  • Sleep promotes sleep. A late nap won’t ruin bedtime.
  • Stick to zippered sleepers. Ones that zip from the bottom and the top are even better.
  • Quick zip sheets! Life changing.
  • Being a well rested person made me a better Mom so do not feel guilty.
  • Use 2 fitted sheets on the crib with a chuck pad in between for quick middle of the night bed changes.
  • Learn about safe bed sharing because it will happen.
  • Truly do sleep when baby sleeps. It feels impossible but sleep is so important. Let chores go.
  • When they say nap when your baby naps, actually do it.


  • Dog mom guilt is real but your do will love you and your baby.
  • Huckleberry app for all things feeding, pumping, diapers and sleep. The best a predicting nap times!
  • Get the book/bible “Happiest Baby on the Block” by Harvey Karp. It saved my sanity early on!
  • Fleece swaddles for sleeping and “Taking Cara Babies” Instagram – awake windows are key!
  • Secondhand stuff and hand-me-downs from friends are the best! Don’t spend too much.
  • Use off brand diapers (e.g. Costco) – so much cheaper! Most are made by the bigger companies.
  • If you like to do it yourself vs. delegate, don’t! Involve your partner as much as possible.
  • Have your partner take any parental leave (if available) and vacation time. Accept help from family and friends.
  • Do what’s best for your baby. I prioritized sleep and rest postpartum and didn’t go crazy breastfeeding right away

Thank you for ALL of the tips! I found so much of this advice helpful and I know other Mom’s will, too.

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