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I cannot believe August is here. Goodbye Summer, hello Fall! This summer has been a whirlwind. I can’t say that Ryan & I have really been able to relax in the midst of moving into our new house & getting settled in. We’re not even close to done.. I’m lucky if we order a couch by the time 2020 rolls around (seriously!).

JCPenney Arizona Sleeveless Sundress - Juniors

I did work on a few fun campaigns this summer, including these shots from a collaboration with JCPenney. To be honest, I haven’t stepped foot into a JCPenney in years but since I’m a huge fan of affordable fashion, I’d knew I’d be able to find something. I was pleasantly surprised by their shoe selection, which included these booties (almost identical to the ones from the #NSale) & these sneakers I’ve been living in.

I’ve spent more money that I’d like to admit over the last few months (#newhouseproblems) so I figured it was time to round up a few of my favorites. Click on a link below or use the widget underneath to shop the exact item!


  • There is a reason why everyone raves about this VITAMIN C E FERULIC SERUM. It smells like burnt rubber but I’m willing to do just about anything for glowing skin. Warning: it’s expensive!
  • THIS AREA RUG is the perfect addition to our nearly empty living room (ha!). The colors do well with our light oak floors & white walls.
  • I found CARLA LLANOS ILLUSTRATIONS on Pinterest & ordered one of her prints within minutes. I love her vibe & my office decor has revolved around the colors in the print I chose.
  • THIS WAVER has replaced my curling iron & I couldn’t love it more. It gives me the perfect beach waves & they look better as the days go on.
  • I keep THESE EYE MASKS in the fridge & use them when my eyes look & feel extra puffy. I don’t feel guilty using them a few times a week since they’re so cheap (20 for $10!).
  • Do you struggle finding a well-fitted sports bra? I do! I ordered THIS BRALETTE & loved it so much I ordered 3 more. It’s not too tight (I sized up to a large), has adjustable straps, removable pads & it’s on major sale.

 I hope you’re having a great summer! You can shop my look with JCPenney below.

Images by Glory Roze Photography.

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